Laser Hair Removal

State of the Art Technology 

Make hair removal faster and less painful than ever.  Usually 6-10 treatments are required to eliminate hair growth.  Touch up treatments may be required.  

Can I shave or wax the area?

The area should be shaved prior to treatment to allow the light energy from the laser to best penetrate the hair follicle.  After the treatment the hair will fall out in about 2 weeks.  You can continue to shave throughout the treatment, as no hair needs to be on the surface.  Do not wax or pluck the hair, as the follicle needs to remain intact.  

Is it Painful?

The procedure is tolerated well by most patients.  Topical anesthetic is an option for more sensitive areas.  

Does the Hair Color matter?

Brown, Black or Red hair can be treated.  Very light blonde hair and Gray hair do not respond to the laser treatment.  The best combination is light skin and dark hair.  

How far apart are the treatments?

Treatments are spaced a month apart for most areas based on the growth cycle of the hair.  This allows the laser energy to best damage the follicle when it is in the growth phase.

Before and After Photos

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