PhotoFacial / IPL Treatment

What is a PhotoFacial?

A PhotoFacial is a skin Rejuvenjation treatment that is preformed with a laser.  It makes your skin look younger by evening out your skin tone, reducing poor size, stimulating collagen, reducing fine lines and reversing sun damage.  Age Spots, Sunspots, Freckles, Birthmarks, Rosacea and other unwanted disclorations of the skin can be safely eliminated using laser treatment. Small vessels around the nose may fade or completely disappear.  Pigmented lesions fade or disappear in about a week. 

How Many Treatments are Required?

Usually three to five treatments are preformed about a month apart to get your skin looking great.  Periodic treatments every three to six months are reccommended  to keep your skin looking its best.

What can I Expect After the Treatment?

After the treatment the skin surface is left smooth and rejuvenated with even skin tone, smaller pore size, reduction of fine lines and collagen stimulation producing younger looking skin.  Any brown discolorations on your skin may appear darker and will fade within a week on the face, or two weeks on hands or other body areas.  

What Areas can be Treated?

The Face is the most commonly treated area.  The Neck and Chest are next, followed by the Hands.  Arms, Legs, Backs and virtually any area of skin can be treated.  

What is the Downtime?

There is really no Downtime.  You can apply makeup after the treatment and return to work or other activities.  Mild redness usually resolves within an hour after treatment.  

Before and After Photos

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